StrongFirst® School of Strength.

"Strength has a purpose"

Who are StrongFirst?

The kettlebell might look like a simple bit of kit, but you need to learn how to use it properly to reap the benefits.

StrongFirst is the school of strength founded by Pavel Tsatsouline, which focuses on building strength, endurance and resilience. Whether you are a top-level athlete or an average joe, all of us have the right to be strong.

StrongFirst believe that ‘strength has a greater purpose’. By having strength as your foundation stone, you can build a better quality of life for yourself and prepare for life’s trials and tribulations. StrongFirst teaches safety and excellent technique, which allows you to develop your knowledge and skill to become the strongest version of you.

How do they train?

StrongFirst’s training predominantly involves one piece of kit: the kettlebell. Kettlebell training is a whole-body workout, contributing to building strength, power & endurance, increasing mobility, and is also effective as cardio for weight loss. Like any equipment, you must learn to use it properly before you can reap the rewards.

We can teach you how and help you to achieve your strength goals in a safe and structured way.

StrongFirst utilises several potent tools for building strength: kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight exercises. We have studied what the strongest people do, applied these principles, and bring that knowledge to you. StrongFirst is the gold standard in the industry.

Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of StrongFirst, brought the kettlebell into the mainstream in the late 1990s. Our instructors consist of champions, top-level coaches, martial artists, and other industry professionals. Our training methods are tried and tested, and have been successfully applied by elite athletes, military personnel, law enforcement officials and regular people who want to be whole-body strong.

Power to you!

The StrongFirst Instructor

Our strength philosophy is proliferated by our instructors, and they set us apart from the herd. They inspire and show their students how to become strong, knowing that strength improves the quality of life. They live and breathe our core values, adhere to our principles, and follow the StrongFirst Code:

I am a Student of Strength
I am a Teacher of Strength.
I am a Quiet Professional.

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Getting started is often the most challenging aspect, so go ahead and schedule a free trial class for yourself.
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