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What is body weight training?

Use the tools you have. No equipment. Just your body. Do what you can with what you've already got.

Working out with body weight is exactly that: using your own weight in place of equipment to provide resistance and build strength. Body weight training is a great way to increase your strength, speed, and power. It also has added benefits relating to your balance and overall flexibility.


Body weight training requires little to no equipment and can be performed almost anywhere, making it an ideal option for those who cannot make it to the gym on regular schedules. This kind of training is a great substitute for traditional weightlifting and offers similar benefits without the associated wear and tear on the body.

Build your muscle and joint strength

Think about it. You use your body every day in life. If we want it to be strong and healthy, we need to use it well and ensure that it can perform optimally in every situation. Body weight training goes a long way in reaching that goal. It also allows us to advance further in other aspects of training as well.

Building your core

Your core fitness is crucial and, without proper conditioning in this area of the body, any training can be challenging and can even result in injury. Good core strength is required for performing even the most basic of tasks, such as maintaining back posture. You can develop or maintain a strong core by performing different types of bodyweight exercises e.g., crunches and planks.

Better balance and flexibility

Training using bodyweight pushes you to improve your balance and overall flexibility. There is nothing to hold you in place but your own power and determination.

Using variety for muscle growth

Body weight exercises e.g., pull ups, push ups, squats help to build muscle growth. This kind of training allows for a range of movements which can make for an interesting training regime. You can work out your entire body and even target specific muscle groups using a broad spectrum of exercises.

Body weight exercises are adaptable to suit your abilities. You can perform these exercises with limited time and space to improve your strength, build muscle, lose weight, and increase your mobility.

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