Terms and Conditions

Please review these Terms and Conditions carefully before completing your purchase. By proceeding with the checkout process, you indicate your acceptance of the following terms and conditions established by Strength Gym LTD, trading as Iron Skull Gym (“Gym”).

Membership Details:

You are enrolling in the Krav Maga and/or Kettlebells training under the following membership plan:

– Membership Type: Chosen at checkout
– Start Date: Date of purchase
– Membership Duration: Until cancelled
– Membership Fee: Chosen at checkout
– Payment Frequency: Every 4 weeks

2. Payment:

You agree to make payments for the Membership Fee via automatic card payments. Payments will be processed every 4 weeks, beginning from the Start Date. Your card details will be securely stored and used exclusively for collecting membership fees.

3. 1 Month Notice Cancellation Policy:

a. You may request a membership cancellation by submitting a written notice through our online portal at least 1 month before your desired cancellation date.
b. During the notice period, you are accountable for all membership fees applicable within that period.
c. Failure to provide the mandatory 1-month notice may result in an additional charge equivalent to an extra 4-week period.

4. Gym Rules and Regulations:

You commit to adhering to our gym’s rules and regulations, as well as any specific guidelines concerning Krav Maga and Kettlebells training. Violation of these rules could lead to suspension or termination of membership without refund.

5. Liability Waiver:

You acknowledge the inherent risks associated with physical activities. Upon enrolling, you release the Gym, its owners, instructors, and staff from any liability regarding injuries or damages incurred during Krav Maga and Kettlebells training.

6. Modifications and Amendments:

The Gym reserves the right to modify the terms, including membership fees and class schedules, providing reasonable notice. Such changes will not impact terms prior to the modifications.

7. Termination by the Gym:

The Gym retains the authority to terminate your membership and access to online facilities and classes due to breaches, non-payment, or disruptive behaviour. In such cases, no refund for remaining membership fees will be granted.

8. Entire Agreement:

This Agreement supersedes any prior verbal or written agreements, constituting the entire understanding between you and the Gym.

9. Governing Law:

These terms are governed by the laws of [Jurisdiction], excluding conflict of laws principles.

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